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There are few things in life as enjoyable as spending time in the beautiful Idaho outdoors. The dream of owning your own Idaho hunting land is much closer than you might think, with prices per acre now in reach of far more hunters than ever before.

Delta Land is your Idaho real estate guide

Idaho Real Estate Broker Stacey BudellAs an experienced Idaho real estate broker, hunter, and pilot, if you are serious about purchasing your slice of Idaho real estate, whether rural or right here in the Treasure Valley, I can help you find the perfect property. I know Treasure Valley neighborhoods like the back of my hand and can take you on guided tour of the areas you’re interested in.

Idaho real estate tours by air

I can fly you on your own personal guided to tour of Idaho hunting land to see some of the more remote recreational land on the market. I will spend time with you on the ground reviewing your budget and property requirements, take a look at current listings online that may be a match, and design a tour from the air to help you become familiar with–and fall in love with–Idaho’s beautiful hunting land. The cost of this service will vary depending upon the number of people on the trip, the itinerary, and other factors.

You wouldn’t go into unknown territory to hunt without the help of a guide. Let me be your guide to the Idaho outdoors as we search for the perfect piece of recreational land for you. I can help you in a way that no other real estate broker can by providing you with my expertise, a passion for hunting and the outdoors, and a private plane to show you around the state from the air.

Idaho homes for sale

Idaho Homes For Sale | Idaho Real Estate For SaleI’m passionate about finding the right Idaho homes for sale that match my clients’ personal needs. I take the time to get to know the individual requirements you have, including budget, commute to your workplace, schools for your children, etc. In fact, I sometimes have access to Idaho homes for sale before they come on the market via the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), so please contact me if you’re looking for a home.

Idaho builders

I work with all local Idaho builders if you’re interested in Idaho new homes for sale. I’ll help you get into the Idaho subdivision you want and the floor plan that fits your family. Not sure what builder or floor plan is best for you? Contact me for a free meeting over coffee and let’s talk about what you want and what’s available from our Treasure Valley, Idaho builders.

Idaho Subdivisions

Idaho Home Builders | Idaho New HomesThere are some great Treasure Valley subdivisions with attractively priced homes for sale these days from Idaho’s quality builders. Contact me for a complete list, and I can search for the perfect home to match your family’s needs. There are subdivisions for any price range and lifestyle, whether you are a first time home buyer wanting entry level homes, or you’re interested in a move-up home. The Treasure Valley also has several beautiful golf course communities, so if you’re looking for Idaho golf course homes, I can help with that, too!

Your personal real estate scout

When you’re ready to get serious about scouting out the best Idaho hunting land for you and your family, I’d love to be your personal guide. As a seasoned pilot and flight instructor with an intimate knowledge of Idaho geography, wildlife, and real estate, I am confident I can find you the trophy property of your dreams.
Stacey Budell is an Idaho real estate broker and licensed commercial pilot

Idaho farm land

Idaho farm land is one of the best investments you can make as an investor. Farmland has been appreciating steadily on a global basis, and Idaho farm land is no exception. We have extensive experience working with Idaho’s agribusiness, both with Idaho farm ground buyers and sellers. We work closely with buyers to determine land values and market their properties to potential land investors and agribusinesses. We’ll use our experience in farm ground of all types–irrigated and non-irrigated, timber or food crops–to get your land valued properly and marketed to motivated land buyers, or to find the right piece of farmland for your agribusiness needs.

Idaho ranches

We are the top place to search for Idaho ranches. Whether you’re wanting pristine hunting land or a place to keep your horses or raise cattle, we have access to the most complete database of Idaho ranches available. We’ll help you sort through all your options and choose the best ranch property for your lifestyle so you can pass on a piece of Idaho’s great outdoors to your kids and grandkids.

Idaho hunting land

Idaho Hunting Land | Elk HuntingIdaho offers some of the best hunting land in the nation. With the right piece of land, you can hunt elk, deer, antelope, and many other species in your own backyard. From the plains of Central and Eastern Idaho, to the rockies of the Northwest, you’ll find breathtaking hunting property with abundant and thriving elk and deer populations.

Most properties are home to a diverse population of wildlife, but I’ll help you find the one that matches your hunting choices. As an avid hunter myself, I’m passionate about knowing the land and choosing the best hunting land with the perfect mix of Idaho game and wildlife to enjoy in any season.

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